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Teeth Whitening


Teeth naturally yellow and discolour over time, but staining is made worse with smoking, tea, coffee and red wine. Teeth Whitening treatment gently and safely removes stains.

The result? Brighter and clean looking teeth, giving you your best smile with your natural teeth.

Teeth whitening is a simple procedure that can lighten the colour of your teeth by using a safe dental bleaching agent. Individual results vary and are based on your initial tooth colour and the nature of your tooth staining, but in most cases we can achieve an excellent improvement that lasts for many months.

We use a home whitening method called Boutique Whitening that involves making a lightweight plastic custom mouth tray for you that fits snugly over your teeth. Whitening gel is then placed inside the tray and it is worn either during the day or overnight. Results are normally seen within 2 weeks and your teeth will also appear whiter and brighter.


Teeth whitening is a safe, quick and cost effective way to improve your smile.

Book online or call us to arrange a consultation and find out more.

Our Teeth Whitening treatment is just £399 which include a set of whitening trays and the whitening gel to use at home.

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