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At Silsoe Dental Clinic, we strongly believe our pricing reflects our service. Quality of care, attentive service and bespoke consultations tailored to your needs are what we pride ourselves on. We aim to ensure our pricing always reflects that. 

All prices are valid and correct for appointments & treatment on or after 1st April 2024.

Examinations (Prices from)

New Patient Exam                   £59 (£49 offer price)

Dental Exam/Check up           £59
Emergency Appointment        £75
Bitewing Radiographs             £25
Periapical Radiographs           £15

Invisalign Consultation           £49

Childrens Examination (Prices from)

Children’s Exam (2-6 years)       £15
Children’s Exam (7-12 years)     £20
Children’s Exam (13-18 years)   £30

Dental Hygienist Services (Prices from)

Standard Deep Clean                           £90
Premium Deep Clean with Airflow   £160
Direct Hygienist Access              from  £95

Restorative Treatment (Prices from)

Amalgam Filling – 1 Surface          £140
Composite Filling – 1 Surface       £160
Composite Filling – 2-5 Surfaces  £279
Glass Ionomer                                £160
Fissure Sealant - Composite         £40
Porcelain Veneer                            £849
Porcelain Crown                             £875
Metal Crown                                    £730

Root Canal Treatment (Prices from)

Root Canal Treatment - Incisor        £450

Root Canal Treatment - Premolar    £495

Root Canal Treatment - Molar          £545

Specialist Root Canal Treatment      £895

Tooth Extraction (Prices from)

Extraction                                             £220

Surgical/Wisdom Tooth Extraction   £245

Dentures (Prices from)

Full Upper Acrylic Denture                  £895
Full Lower Acrylic Denture                   £895
Full Upper & Lower Acrylic Denture   £1700
Partial Acrylic Denture                          £795
Partial Chrome Denture                       £1100

Implants (Prices from)

Implant Consultation                 £50
Placement of Implant                 £1400
Implant Crown                             £1400

Bridges (Prices from)

Bonded Bridge Pontic                 £765
Bonded Bridge Abutment          £765
Maryland Bridge                          £985
Recement Bridge                         £45

Orthodontics (Prices from)

Invisalign Consultation                                £49

Full course Invisalign (Upper & Lower)     £4200

(See offers page for latest package price)

Single arch Invisalign                                    £2999
Vivera  Orthodontic retainers (3 Sets)       £499

Other Treatments (Prices from)

Antibiotic Prescription              £25
Mouth Guard                             £330
Sports Mouthguard                  £240
Home Bleaching Kit                  £399

Cancellation Policy

We understand you may need to cancel your appointment.

Cancellations before 24 hours are free of charge.


Cancellations less than 24 hours of your dental appointment are charged a deposit.

If you are late to your dentist appointment, our charges are £25 per every 15 minute delay.

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to avoid charges. 

Hygienist appointments cancelled less than 24 hours of your appointment are

charged at 50% of the treatment price.

The best way to cancel your appointment if to call our Reception on 01525868600. 

Cancellation Policy
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