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A dental hygienist treatment includes a thorough and professional cleaning of gums and teeth. Dental hygiene forms a vital part of the preventative ethos at Silsoe Dental Clinic - it’s not just simply about brushing your teeth twice a day.


A Dental Hygienist helps to prevent not only tooth decay, but also identifies signs of early gum disease and cures bad breath (halitosis). We firmly believe that good dental hygiene is the stepping stone for overall health and well-being.

At Silsoe Dental Clinic we offer Direct Hygienist access.

(Direct access is £95 if you are a new patient, or £90 if you have already seen one of our Dentists

There is no need to register and you can book with us directly online. 


Did you know we have a variety of hygienist appointments to suit your needs. From a Deep clean to a premium deep clean session with air flow stain removal so you can book the option right for you and your oral health.

All treatments include Oral Health advice, Periodontal treatment, Polish and a deep clean with ultrasonic scale. Our premium enhanced offering which also includes airflow stain removal for added value and a long term better result is recommended for anyone who hasn't seen a hygienist in the last 12 months. 


The most popular treatment  with our experienced Dental Hygienist is a Standard Deep Clean and includes; 

  • Removal of plaque or calculus that has hardened over time using ultrasonic scaler.

  • Oral cancer screening, including early detection of tooth decay and identifying signs of gum disease

  • Removal of any surface staining caused by smoking or consuming tea and coffee

  • Oral Health instructions that are bespoke to you and your eating habits

  • Specific oral hygiene methods to help you control the bacteria that collect on your teeth

  • Prevention of bleeding gums and bad breath

  • Healthy eating advice

  • Providing support if you wish to give up smoking

  • Care for your dental implants, crowns & bridges


We like to make our services accessible and hassle free, so that means you can book a dental hygienist appointment without being referred by a dentist.

If your current dental practice does not offer a dental hygienist, then you can still visit our practice just for hygienist visits. Our hygienists are fully trained and registered with the General Dental Council.

Following a dental hygiene appointment, If you wish to see our dentist, you can also be provided with a full dental examination at an additional cost.

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